Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ginny turns 1!

Ginny turned 1 on October 13th.  We had a super fun day spending time at Sesame Place and then came home to celebrate with our neighbors the Thacker's.  On a side note, we just love our neighbors!  We had dinner and then got to the important part...rainbow chip ice cream cone cupcakes and ice cream.  For every one of our children when they turn 1, we make these cupcakes baked in ice cream cones.  Truth be told, rainbow chip cake mix and frosting are Jake's favorite.  But it becomes every one's favorite because well, it's packed full of sugar so no matter what, it tastes good. 
Ginny was totally excited to eat, something that she has proved through her first year of life!
I can't believe my baby is 1.
While I am enjoying the independence she is experiencing since she is getting older, I still am sad my baby isn't a baby anymore.
Ginny, for all that has happened since she was born, has been a joy.  She is happy and fun and loves her brother and sisters.  She crawled and walked early on just to keep up with all of them.  She and Lucy are quite the pair as of late.  It's really been fun seeing the two of them develop their relationship.  We all just love Ginny and are so thankful we can have her in our family. 
 Mommy loves you so much. 

clapping when she hears us singing to her.

so good

I think she likes it :)

Lucy with her "boyfriend" Chris.

This is Ginny's expression most of the time.  It is slightly patronizing no?

Sneaking a peak at her present.

Just before the big reveal.

She know to appreciate the card.

She loves her baby!


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Anonymous said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Ginny :)