Thursday, October 11, 2012

Insta Love and Hard Things

These guys give me the opportunity each day to strive to be a better person. Because of them, I want to work on being more kind and loving, patient and forgiving.  Heavenly Father knows us all so well.  I know that without my children I would be more selfish.  I would be stagnant, unwilling to grow and stretch more as a person.  Being a parent is hard work and without the constant struggle it affords, I know that I wouldn't be doing the hard work it takes to be molded into what Heavenly Father wants me to become, who He needs me to be.  I am learning to love hard things.  


Korryn said...
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Korryn said...

Apparently this new blog layout has got me confused. I'm glad to see you back online....I've missed reading about you! I am sorry you've been feeling down. Especially because I know how amazing you are. You are the best momma for all those sweet babies. But I wish we could be closer together. hugs!